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Connecting thousands Human Capital professionals to projects & HR Techs to opportunities across the the globe.

We consolidate on a single platform powerful levers to bring

organizations & individuals to success.

Bringing differentiated, integrated & innovative digital solutions to enterprise staffing departments, recruitment agencies & individual professionals

Reaching the best profile, technology and job opportunity faster & cost effectively

We offer a variety of services & memberships to bring you to Success.
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Professional Network
Develop your network, your skills and knowledges, share insights, strategic tips, best practices and trends with interesting professionals and HR professionals
Find Business & Career opportunities
Job Board & Talents
Post jobs, find new talents and learn more about them through creative and interesting content and features
Courses, Events & Webinars
Find courses, insightful events and webinars that match your interests or create your own with online ticketing tools
Need fresh external thinking and insights ?

Meet specific needs with our unique approach to open problem solving.

"There are independant experts and insights precious outside your organizations"

Launch your challenge with rewards to our global network of expert Solvers from around the world and receive proposed solutions and working prototypes quickly
Market place
Promote your
Expertise in training, managerial & career development
HR Technology
Centre of expertise in skills & assessment
HR educational programs
Other educational programs for individual professionals
Freelancer talents
Discover our interdisciplinary expert freelancers.
Identify your future freelance talent
and ask for an estimate.
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ELLA HR is positioning itself as the Strategic HR partner serving the progress of organizations and Human Capital growth. We are committed to solving Human Resources, management and job searching challenges through an efficient collaborative ecosystem composed of HR Tech, targeted professionals and other partners, learning, development and research.

ELLA HR is the expert voice to meet those challenges.


ELLA HR is empowering thousands of talents and organizations across the globe.


ELLA HR maintain a strong R&D team and culture to offer best products and services to achieve our mission.


ELLA HR is leading with a bold purpose because we believe when we rally efficient market solutions we save time and we find more opportunities. When we shape  futur leaders and develop talents we create more productivity and we change the world.

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